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Current Exhibits

Wallingford Townscape
Front Lobby

A photographic collage created by community members under the direction of artist Rashmi Talpade.

George Adair Photography
Collins Room

Photographs include landscapes and the works of nature, but the man-made world of cities and industrial sites is also well represented. Fields, flowers, mountains, waterfalls, tobacco barns and lighthouses make appearances, along with many pictures that attest to the artist’s love affair with Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Exhibits Policy

Selection of Exhibitors

Wallingford artists, collectors, and community organizations are encouraged to offer exhibits of artistic, cultural, or informational merit. Persons and organizations outside of Wallingford are invited to exhibit when their works would be of general interest to the Wallingford Community.

1. Exhibits are considered and selected by the Exhibits Committee. The Library has limited space for exhibits and it may not be possible to accept all exhibit proposals.

2. Submittals: All pieces proposed for exhibit must be submitted for review. The preferred form of submittal for artists’ proposed exhibits is jpg. If this is not possible, color prints are also accepted. The Exhibits Committee cannot accept actual artwork for consideration without notice.

3. The Exhibits Committee is not responsible for returning unsolicited submittals.

4. Considerations made when selecting exhibits include:

  • Artistic ability of the exhibitor
  • Community interest in the exhibit
  • Appropriateness for public viewing by all ages
  • Promoting local talent
  • Exhibiting a variety of media

5. Acceptance of an exhibit does not constitute an endorsement by the Library Board of Managers or the Town of Wallingford of the person’s or organization’s point of view, policies or beliefs.


1. All exhibitors must sign the Library’s Exhibit and Display Release Form prior to hanging their work. The Library may require a certificate of insurance. The Wallingford Public Library is not responsible for damage or loss of exhibit.

2. Exhibitors are responsible for hanging and removing their own exhibits at a scheduled time to be arranged with the Library.

3. Exhibits are displayed for a minimum of one month and may be extended with the mutual consent of the library and the artist.

4. All artwork should be framed or mounted. Exhibit spaces are equipped with ceiling molding from which the artwork is hung. Molding hooks and hangers are supplied by the Library.

Exhibit Spaces

  • Front Hall
  • Community Room
  • Collins Room
  • Board Room

Exhibits of library materials and activities will be given first priority for display.

1. The Community Room and Collins Room are closed when no program/event is scheduled. Exhibitors may make arrangements to have the room monitored and open for public viewing at specific times during the month. Exhibitors are responsible for finding volunteers to monitor the exhibit.

2. Exhibitors may hold a reception at their own expense and must make advance arrangements with the Library. No alcohol is allowed on library property.

3. The Library may choose to sponsor an exhibit, in which case it would be responsible for any reception.

4. Exhibitors may provide a price list of their work including name and address. Anyone interested in making a purchase must deal directly with the exhibitor. The Library accepts 5% of purchase price for any items sold while being displayed within the Library.
5. Wallingford Public Library reserves the right to deny or cancel any exhibit.


1. All publicity concerning exhibits must be approved by the Library.

2. Publicity must be submitted to the Library one month in advance of the opening day of the exhibit.

3. Publicity will be included in the Library’s newsletter, WORDS, and will be forwarded to local newspapers. The deadline for WORDS is usually the 15th of the month preceding the exhibit date.

4. Publicity should include:

  • Biographical information
  • Art education
  • Membership in professional societies and organizations
  • Previous exhibits
  • Type of work to be exhibited with titles if available
  • Hours the exhibit will be open for public viewing (see # 1 under Exhibit Spaces)

5. Exhibitors may send out flyers announcing exhibits at their own expense. Flyers must be approved by the Library before they are distributed and must include hours the exhibit is open for public viewing (see # 1 under Exhibit Spaces).

6. Exhibitors may make posters announcing the exhibit which may be placed in the Library and elsewhere. Posters must be approved by the Library and should include the hours when the exhibit is open for public viewing (see # 1 under Exhibit Spaces).

The Library reserves the right to make exceptions to the provisions of this policy. Library Board of Managers may amend this policy whenever it deems appropriate and in response to changing conditions.

Approved by Library Board of Managers, September 27, 2010.

Exhibit Applications

Please fill out both forms and return them to Julie Rio, Adult Programming & Community Services Librarian.

Artist Exhibition Application
Exhibit & Display Release Form

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