A Tree Grows in Wallingford Community Art Project

A Tree Grows in Wallingford logoIn May and June, the library will celebrate the town’s 350th + 2 anniversary with a special community art project called A Tree Grows in Wallingford. Local artist Rashmi Talpade will lead the creation of a mural across from the Check Out Desk as a semi-permanent exhibition. Rashmi has taught numerous art programs at the library and is best known for the Wallingford Townscape Collage on display in our front hallway. For this anniversary mural, she will paint a giant tree and help residents create decorative “leaves” with images of themselves and their families. Most images will be photographs, but self-portraits in other mediums also will be accepted. As the leaf-shaped images are designed, participants will be able to see them affixed to the tree and watch the development of the mural, akin to a tree sprouting leaves.

How To Participate