Who Am I? Who Are You? Who Are We?

banner which reads Who Am I? Who Are You? Who Are We? A Wallingford Community Initiative


Presented by:
Wallingford Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, Wallingford Public Schools, and Wallingford Public Library

Join us this spring and summer as we come together as a community to answer the questions “Who am I?” “Who are you?” and “Who are we?”

Inspired by the book Tell Me Who You Are: Sharing Our Stories of Race, Culture, & Identity, we will be sharing our stories, listening, exploring issues of identity and race, and celebrating what makes us unique as individuals and as a town. With compassion, honesty, and inclusiveness we can achieve great things. Copies of the book are available at the Wallingford Public Library


Community Art Project

From June through August, student art and submissions from the public will fill the windows of the Wallingford Public Library, creating a public gallery along Main Street, while digital submissions will be showcased on the library’s website and social media. Anyone can stop by the library to fill out a colorful card or drop off art to be added to the display. Want us to fill out a card for you? CLICK HERE

Digital submissions can be sent to WallingfordDEIC@gmail.com.


What's Happening Around Town

Elementary students will take part in activities exploring their identity such as the significance of their name, the factors that shape who we are, the commonalities we have with one another, and what truly makes us unique. Students are invited to bring their artwork or writing from these activities to their teachers or the library to be displayed from June to August.

How to Submit: Drop off artwork to your student’s teacher or the library. Submissions received by May 28 will be entered to win a raffle prize!

Middle and High School students will be invited to share their own stories through images and/or writing. Teachers will share a few stories from the book and then students can submit their own story. Students’ submissions will focus on sharing their identity and what aspects of their life, culture and background have helped to shape them into who they are today.

How to Submit: Send your story to WallingfordDEIC@gmail.com. Submissions received by May 28 will be entered to win a raffle prize!

The raffle was made possible with generous supported from Chik-fil-A Wallingford, Rockhouse School of Music, Words on Wood, and Mr. D’s.

About the Book

cover of Tell Me Who You AreIn this deeply inspiring book, Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi recount their experiences talking to people from all walks of life about race and identity on a cross-country tour of America. Spurred by the realization that they had nearly completed high school without hearing any substantive discussion about racism in school, the two young women deferred college admission for a year to collect first-person accounts of how racism plays out in this country every day–and often in unexpected ways.

In Tell Me Who You Are, Guo and Vulchi reveal the lines that separate us based on race or other perceived differences and how telling our stories–and listening deeply to the stories of others–are the first and most crucial steps we can take towards negating racial inequity in our culture. Featuring interviews with over 150 Americans accompanied by their photographs, this intimate toolkit also offers a deep examination of the seeds of racism and strategies for effecting change.

This groundbreaking book will inspire readers to join Guo and Vulchi in imagining an America in which we can fully understand and appreciate who we are.

Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi
Photo by Brenna Kennedy-Moore

About the Authors
Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi co-founded the organization CHOOSE in 10th grade to provide the tools we lack to talk about race and identity in America. They published a racial literacy textbook for educators called “The Classroom Index,” which has been recognized and funded by Princeton University and is currently being used by educators in more than 30 states. Before attending Harvard and Princeton University (respectively), Winona and Priya traveled to all 50 states, collecting hundreds of powerful stories about race, culture, and intersectionality. They are the youngest residents in the TED Residency Program and spent their summer further analyzing their research before heading to college.


TED Talks by the Authors
What it takes to be racially literate
Lessons of cultural intimacy